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San Remo's past is fascinating.

Once a bustling fishing port welcoming various boats loaded with whiting, couta, garfish, crayfish and shark,
San Remo has a vibrant past and was always a mecca for holiday makers. The original bridge figured grandly in the streetscape of San Remo, and it ensured the tourists drove right through the town. Nowadays the newer bridge, built in the late '60s, takes traffic over to the island at the start of Marine Parade. The pier is still the focal point of the town, with the Fishermans' Co-op and swimming beach attracting the visitors and locals alike.

view from balcony over service station

The view from above the service station on Marine Parade. Notice where the bridge entrance
is built on what was once treed foreshore.


 The view from the top of the Westernport Hotel towards the pier with old bridge in the background. The new Fisherman's Co-op dominates the pier entry now.

From balcony looking towards beach & bridge

Looking towards the pier from the top of the service station in Marine Parade, the top of the old
bridge can just be seen above the treetops, whereas the new bridge can just be seen on the right hand corner of the newer view.


View from opposite side of what is now the entrance to the bridge from San Remo.
The WW2-era Nissan hut which was used as a cinema and town hall can be seen In the left side foreground of the b&w photo.


The occasion of the opening of the old bridge and what is now a car park area onto the beach.


Jumping off the pier has been the highlight of the holidays throughout the decades.


Looking from the road outside the Fishermans' Co-op up towards the main part of town.
The Westernport Hotel is still there, its facade updated now, and the streetscape is greener.


Two very different bridges
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Many of these smaller
images are from the 'Rose' series of postcards via the Victorian State Library.

Go to the photo gallery page to see these photos in larger detail.

loading at the San Remo pier

Unloading crayfish
(and the odd gentleman)
 onto the pier

on the old bridge looking towards san remo

View on the old bridge

Genista at the piew

The Genista steams
into the bay

Genista at the San Remo pier

The Genista arrives
 at the pier


The magnificent San Remo
bridge in its heyday


Couta boats moored
at the jetty


San Remo front beach
in the 1940s


The San Remo Hotel


Bicycling girls at the
San Remo post office


Marine Parade, San Remo


The pier in the '50s


Aerial view of the bridge
 and breakwater


Looking back towards Marine Parade from the entrance
 to the old bridge


The opening of the first bridge
was a major occasion


Everyone turned out for the
grand occasion of the opening

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